15,000 sunflowers, flower mandalas and more at Mariano’s Blooming Agri-Tourism Park in South Cotabato (with guide)

Walk through 15,000 sunflowers, go around a giant flower mandala, and more at this park. Entrance fee is P50 for weekdays.

Beyond Lake Sebu: Blaans’ rich indigenous dreamwoven tabih and its master weaver, and rituals, dances, homestays, at Blaan Wellness and Tribal Village

South Cotabato is not just about Lake Sebu and the T’bolis. See the Blaans’ own rich traditional weave, meet the living master weaver, and take part in a ritual in Blaan Wellness Village – you can stay overnight, too!

My Facepalm-Worthy Moments aka What Not To Do When Traveling

I interrupt my “regular programming” of blog posts on exhilarating adventures, life-changing travel moments, life lessons from travel, and the usual feel-good travel and insight posts to bring you, readers, the worst of my travel boo-boos. Those idiotic travel moments that make you go… Photo by Alex Proimos under Flicker Creative Commons Yes, my travels are…