Relaxing pool staycation with lake and mountain view at Lily Vacation Farm House in Jala-jala, Rizal

Lily Vacation Farm House does not look like your typical farm or farm house. Upon entering the gate, our group was greeted by the green of grass and trees, and a charming white house standing out from the greenery. The homey interiors open up to a deck with a bright blue pool surrounded by a grassy expanse. Beyond are the calm waters of Laguna de Bay and the outlines of Mt. Banahaw and Makiling in the distance. It gave the vibe of a more luxurious staycation than a farm-cation.

The pool and house for staycation at Lily Vacation Farm House. One of our companions happily lounged by the pool within our first few hours at the resort-type farm.
From Lily Vacation Farm House’s pool is a view of Laguna de Bay and Mount Banahaw and Mount Makiling in the distance
Pool time! Best to wear sunscreen, especially an eco-friendly one!
When not dipping in the pool, it’s great to just have tea or coffee while taking in the view

There are still touches of farm life, though, as we saw the farm horse Chelsea happily munching on grass – I found out later that we could ride her if we wanted – and a white chicken paying us a visit in the house.

Chelsea, Lily Vacation Farm House’s “resident” horse. We chose to just watch her that day, though we were told we could ride her, too!
This friendly chicken visited us while we were sitting and chilling by the pool.

The house’s living room opening up into the pool has soft, comfy sofas we happily sank in after eating and swimming. The walls are decked with tasteful decors in earthy and sunny colors.

Lily Vacation Farm House’s charming interiors. Photos from Lily Vacation Farm House Facebook page

The beds in the bedrooms are incredibly comfy. They remind me of hotel beds. Each bedroom also has a flat screen TV great for chill movie watching with family or friends.

Soft, comfy beds!

Guests also have the option for glamping outside, though our group was small enough to stay in the three bedrooms. Glamping sounds like a good option in perfect weather, especially during summer.

Glamping tent. Perfect for great weather, especially summer. Photo from Lily Vacation Farm House Facebook page

With bigger groups especially in this pandemic, it would be good to take advantage of glamping so the big group would be spread out. Due to COVID restrictions, Lily Vacation Farm House only accommodates up to 20 people at the moment.

Other outdoor adventures are available at the resort-type farm aside from glamping, too. There are tire swings hanging from a huge acacia tree, perfect for kids and kids at heart. I haven’t really played with a tire swing when I was a kid, but it was fun trying it out as an adult. Other friends had a go, too, and were more used to riding it than I was.

These swings are perfect for the kids in all of us.

The farm also has facilities for outdoor volleyball and basketball. They have ATV rides, too, which we didn’t anymore have the time to try during our stay. Outdoor film screenings area also available upon request. That would be a perfect way to catch a movie in the big screen this pandemic.

Even just chilling in the pool and walking around the grounds make for a relaxing overnight stay, though. The grounds have a different beauty at night, with the lights in the trees and the pool’s changing colors. Guests also have the option to have a bonfire. Our group opted to just have drinking games and tell stories by the pool.

Lily Vacation Farm House looks beautiful at night, too!
The pool looks enticingly bright at night.

It was just an overnight stay, but it was enough to relax and recharge with nature, and to also drink and share stories with my staycation companions.

Lily Vacation Farm House accommodations and amenities

  • Due to COVID restrictions, the farm house can only accommodate maximum 20 people.
  • Rate for overnight stay in the entire farm house is P20,000 for weekdays and P25,000 for weekends.
  • The farm house has 3 air conditioned bedrooms with 2 connecting bathrooms. Each room has a flat screen TV with cable channels.
  • Glamping room with skylight is available outdoors.
  • For cooking and dining, available facilities are kitchen with refrigerator, rice cooker, microwave, and gas stove with free use of gas. Hot and cold water dispenser with two five-gallon purified water also available, plus coffee machine with kape barako for breakfast. There is also an outdoor kitchen and grill area. (Note: Due to COVID precautions, plates and utensils are not available and guests are urged to bring them)
  • Karaoke with boom mic stand is available. Guests are encouraged to bring their own microphones as a COVID precaution, but there are also microphones for sale at the farm.
  • Facilities for volleyball, basketball, and even other sports like American football, soccer, and aqua polo can be used.
  • Other possible activities are ATV riding, horseback riding, feeding of farm animals, and bonfire. Dining setup under the tree and outdoor film screening can be requested.

How to get there

From Starmall in EDSA corner Shaw Boulevard, ride a jeepney to Tanay. From Tanay terminal, ride a jeep going to Jala-jala. You can ask the driver to drop you off at Lily Vacation Farm House.

Alternatively, if you are taking the LRT train, you can get off at Santolan station and ride a van to Tanay before taking the jeep to the farmhouse.

Lily Vacation Farm House contact details

Website for booking: Lily Vacation Farm House business site
Facebook: @LilyVacationFarmhouse
Email address:
Mobile number: +6939 921 0165

Watch the video below from Lily Vacation Farm House’s YouTube channel to see a typical overnight experience at this resort-type farm:

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