Casa Tropica Diwata Villa: A beautiful and affordable private resort in Laguna

Casa Tropica is no ordinary private resort in Laguna. Upon entering the Diwata Villa, you will be treated to a view of a clear hot spring pool fringed with lush tropical plants. At the center of the greenery was a mural of Mariang Makiling. And, in the distance was the mountain named after Makiling herself.

Main view of Casa Tropica Diwata Villa: A beautiful and affordable private resort in Laguna. Makiling mountain backdrop
Casa Tropica’s relaxing hues and views

Just an hour away from Metro Manila, Casa Tropica offers a serene respite. Our group felt especially safe with their painstaking and exacting COVID protocols, from their temperature check of our group by PPE-clad staff, to the sanitation and disinfection of the resort’s facilities.

Tropical design blending with art and nature

If you have been to Bali or to a Balinese resort, Casa Tropica may look familiar. The resort’s architects designed the place with a tropical aesthetic inspired by Southeast Asia, including Balinese architecture, and the Philippines’ humble bahay kubo. Traditional Balinese structures are made to harmoniously blend with nature (I noticed this is true especially with Bali temples), while the bahay kubo is designed for air to freely circulate, ideal for comfort in the summer heat.

Casa Tropica indeed looks one with its natural surroundings. Its murals, which pay homage to Mariang Makiling and the rich wildlife in Laguna, also look at home there. The resort has generous open spaces that make the place “breathe,” and which can help you breathe easily, too.

The art in Casa Tropica by Kookoo Ramos seamlessly blends with its natural and built surroundings, too!
open spaces design for air to circulate freely, bahay kubo Casa Tropica Diwata Villa: A beautiful and affordable private resort in Laguna
Lots of open space in the resort lets air flow freely.

Casa Tropica’s beauty goes beyond its pool and design. Go up the deck on the third floor and you will find yourself in a wide open space, with a sweeping, unobstructed view of Mount Makiling in front of you. This is the only resort in Pansol so far where I could see the mountain in its full glory.

I love that the resort highlights both Makiling the mountain and Makiling the goddess through the poolside mural. In fact, the owners named the villa “Diwata,” with Mariang Makiling in mind. These are reminders for me that the hot springs of Casa Tropica and the rest of Pansol, Laguna, are a blessing from the goddess and the mountain, which is actually a dormant volcano.

Mount Makiling view deck mountain pool hot spring resort casa tropic pansol-laguna
Sweeping view of Mt. Makiling from Casa Tropica’s view deck
tropical bird mural, Kookoo Ramos, art, biodiversity, Casa Tropica, hot spring resort, private pool, architecture, Pansol, Calamba, Laguna
On the deck is another mural by Kookoo Ramos, this time of a bird in flight.
The resort’s view deck is spacious, with angular roofs inspired by traditional tropical architecture.

Nature is also ever-present in Casa Tropica with plants thriving all around, which can make self-confessed plantitos and plantitas sigh and smile.

rubber plant, plantito plantita, pool, hot spring resort, Casa Tropica, Pansol, Laguna
The resort’s many plants add to the tropical vibe.

Family-friendly facilities and beyond

Casa Tropica is ideal for families and for groups in general. Under normal circumstances, its rooms can comfortably accommodate up to 35 people, and can even be stretched up to 50. During this COVID pandemic, the resort accepts guests up to 25 (At least Php1,200 per guest). Guests can stay in four rooms, all with their own bathrooms. The dining and kitchen area by the pool also has its own bathroom.

Smaller groups of up to 10 people (At least P2,000 per guest) get the two rooms with two queen-sized beds each and can have extra single beds.

tropical-themed bedroom, Casa Tropica, hot spring resort, private pool, architecture, Pansol, Calamba, Laguna
Two of Casa Tropica’s bedrooms have two queen beds. The room in the second floor has a balcony.
wide double deck beds, bathroom with rainshower, Casa Tropica, hot spring resort, private pool, architecture, Pansol, Calamba, Laguna
(LEFT) Two of the resort’s four rooms have queen-sized double deck beds like these. (RIGHT) All rooms have a bathroom with a rainshower.

The highlight among the resort’s facilities is of course the pool. While the hot spring is deliciously warm at night, its warmth is comfortable enough and not hot to swim in even during daytime.

swimming floating tropical plants casa tropica hot spring resort private pool pansol calamba laguna
Swimming in Casa Tropica’s pool is relaxing any time of the day or night.
hot tub pool, jacuzzi, kiddie pool, Casa Tropica, hot spring resort, private pool, Pansol, Calamba, Laguna
The pool also has a small, shallow pool perfect for kids. It is also perfect as a hot tub, or jacuzzi, at night. You can request the staff to turn the jet water on. Try it!

The resort also has the basics like a large outdoor dining area, and a kitchen with essentials like a refrigerator, stove, and other cooking implements. There is also a nice poolside grill perfect for that barbecue dinner.

kitchen, grill for roasting, Casa Tropica, Pansol, Laguna hot spring, resort, pool
A kitchen with the essentials plus an outdoor grill for barbecue

If you’re looking for other things to do aside from relaxing in the pool, you can choose from any of these activities: singing your heart out in the videoke, playing billiards, darts, or table tennis. They have mahjong sets and board games, too, though our group did not try those anymore. Some of the room TVs have Netflix. Kids can also enjoy the mini-playground setup.

playground, kids play set, Casa Tropica hot spring, pool, resort, Pansol, Laguna
Playground for the kids, videoke for the adults
billiards, table tennis, darts, games, Casa Tropica, Pansol, Laguna hot spring, resort, pool
Choose a game or play all!

You can also just lounge in the swing chair overlooking the pool or relax on one of the chairs on the second floor. I had a nap in the swing and it was refreshing!

swing seat, rattan lights, tropical architecture, Casa Tropica, hot spring resort, private pool, architecture, Pansol, Calamba, Laguna
Choose your spot to chill or relax.

You can also work at the resort, if you want. Some of us worked during our stay, in fact. The resort’s 30 mbps internet connection is good for a work-from-home setup. Some rooms have desks. The outdoor tables are also perfect if you want a view of the pool while working.

work from home facilities Casa Tropica, hot spring resort, private pool, Pansol, Calamba, Laguna
Work-cation at Casa Tropica with their good internet connection

COVID safety protocols

I felt safe during our group’s stay at the resort because of the place’s stringent COVID protocols. Before we entered Diwata Villa, a staff in full PPE took our temperatures and we had to fill out a form with our personal details. There was rubbing alcohol at the entrance and at the villa’s main outdoor area. The pool was still being refilled when we arrived, as the staff cleans and changes the water for every guest.

COVID safety protocol entry with PPE and temperature check, COVID safe travel, pool, hot spring resort, Casa Tropica, Pansol, Laguna
Staff checked our temperatures before we entered Diwata Villa.

When we asked, we found that aside from the usual cleaning and sanitizing, the staff disinfects surfaces with a high-quality, hospital-grade product Endosan. Using the same disinfectant, they mist high-touch areas like doorknobs, too.

Aside from disinfecting the rooms with Endosan, the staff also does fogging to disinfect the air. So, if you are concerned that you might inhale the virus from a previous guest, fogging helps prevent that from happening.

The resort also ensures that small high-touch items like remote controls are disinfected through UV disinfection.

COVID cleaning and disinfection protocols, COVID safe travel, pool, hot spring resort, Casa Tropica, Pansol, Laguna
(LEFT) Items for UV disinfection (TOP RIGHT) Disinfecting high-touch areas with hospital-grade Endosan (BOTTOM RIGHT) Fogging

With all the COVID safety measures in place at Casa Tropica, I didn’t have worries staying there. Our group even had a term for our experience – we had a safecation (safe + staycation)!

With the wide open spaces especially the view deck with Makiling’s panorama, we could each have our alone time and freely breathe in the fresh air, even if for a moment. The therapeutic hot spring waters, the beautiful art and nature in the resort, and the view of Makiling framed by the resort’s tropical design all make for a memorable “safecation” amid COVID.

Mount Makiling view deck, pool, hot spring resort, Casa Tropica, Pansol, Calamba, Laguna
Off for some alone time at the Makiling deck
Happy guests!

Resort address and contact details:

Casa Tropica
Daang Kayganda St. Nayong Maharlika Village
Brgy. Pansol, Calamba, Laguna 4027

Contact numbers:
Landline | (02) 8998-3002
Mobile | 0925-798-3002 | 0917-538-9849

Casa Tropica website
Casa Tropica Facebook and Instagram: @casatropicavillas

Casa Tropica Diwata Villa rates:

Package A (good for 1 to 10 pax)
2 large suite rooms and 3 bathrooms
Php 20,000 (At least P2,000 per pax)

Package B (good for 11 to 15 pax)
3 large suite rooms and 4 bathrooms
Php 23,000 (At least P1,533 per pax)

Package C (good for 16 to 20 pax)
4 Rooms (3 suite rooms + 1 family room) and 5 bathrooms
Php 26,000 (At least P1,300 per pax)

Package D (good for 21 to 25 pax)
4 Rooms (3 suite rooms + 1 family room) and 5 bathrooms
Php 30,000 (At least P1,200 per pax)

NOTE: Casa Tropica usually runs promos for discounted rates every now and then. Check their website.

How to get there:

By commute:
From Cubao or Buendia LRT Taft, take a bus bound for Sta. Cruz. When the bus arrives at Calamba National Highway, look out for Iglesia ni Cristo church on the left side of the road and the resorts Monte Vista and Southwinds on the right. Get off and follow the signage of Casa Tropica, which will lead you into a side street.

By car:
See Casa Tropica on Google Maps to get driving directions.

Travel tips before you go:

  • No RT-PCR tests required, but you will be asked to fill out a detailed health declaration form for you and other guests when you make a reservation.
  • Check-in is 3 pm to give way for the staff’s thorough cleaning and disinfecting.
  • Casa Tropica has a pet-friendly policy. You can bring 1) one big dog, 2) two small dogs, or 3) two cats and pay P1,500.
  • As a COVID safety measure, the resort is not providing dining utensils and toiletries.
  • Casa Tropica is a private resort, so you have the place to yourselves. For your safety amid the pandemic, it is best to go only with members in your household. When going with those from other households, practice standard health protocols like masking and distancing. Enjoy responsibly!
  • For other clarifications and inquiries, call or message Casa Tropica in the contact details above.
The resort looks especially beautiful during blue hour.


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