Where to stay on an Islas de Gigantes, Iloilo tour: 5 reasons to check in at nearby Solina Resort

Accessible (10 minutes away from jumpoff to Gigantes), with glamping and luxury options, and other reasons to stay at Solina Beach & Nature Resort in Carles, Iloilo


IN PHOTOS: Relaxation Every Moment at Mandala Spa Boracay, An Environment-Friendly Destination Spa

The unusual scorching July Boracay heat was suddenly tempered as we walked along Mandala Spa’s leafy entrance. It was like entering a respite from the island’s traffic jams and rush of tourists. Several steps forward, it was still all greenery and I felt a soothing coolness on my skin. As we turned the corner, up ahead was the open-air reception area and the welcoming smiles of…

Colors and Convenience at Go Hotels Bacolod

The week after MassKara Festival was my second time to be hosted by Go Hotels, and its Bacolod branch did not disappoint. Just like Go Hotels Tacloban, Go Hotels Bacolod is bursting with vibrant yellows and greens. I especially like its simple but striking architecture. Bright and colorful, simple design I was pleased to see…