7 Weeks Around Visayas

Tomorrow I am going off on a seven-week backpacking trip all over Visayas.

To say that I am bursting with excitement mixed with just a little fear at my first long and mostly solo travel is an understatement.

In every trip I took, the longest of which was nine days so far, there was always that feeling of exhilaration on the things I discovered and experienced and always, always, the yearning to explore and experience more. The feeling of yearning was greatest especially when I knew that the next province was just a few hours’ bus or boat ride away.

One sleepless night in October last year the idea suddenly came to me that I could do just that – hop from one province to another and travel longer than I ever had, without the impending “end-of-trip” feeling looming over me.

I let this delicious idea run through my mind for several days until I decided that I would do it. My trip preparations went anything but smoothly, though – twice, I thought my trip would not push through. Despite all the mishaps and change of plans, I am grateful to arrive here, the starting point of a new adventure.

I will go to all the provinces in Visayas I have not yet been to and re-visit a few. I will join my friends who will be traveling to Bohol, go up to Leyte by myself afterwards, then Biliran, Samar, Cebu, Negros Oriental, Negros Occidental, Iloilo, Antique, Aklan, and finally Capiz (see my route in the map below). I might pay a second visit to Guimaras and Siquijor too along the way.

I plan to post about my travels twice a week but in case I stay too long in an area with insufficient or no Internet connection, I will be updating once that week.

My route (original map from http://www.openstreetmap.org)

18 thoughts on “7 Weeks Around Visayas

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  2. you just amaze me with your strength and courage…..you will serve as an inspiration to me!

    • Hi, theilongga! Thanks for following. I will be in Iloilo June 19 or 20. Just planning to stay for one or two nights, though no fixed itinerary yet. I’ve been there before to see the churches like Miag-ao, San Joaquin, Guimbal, etc. And of course, the churches in Jaro. If you have suggestions on places to go to that are not too far from the city (if far, somewhere on the way to Antique), I would love to hear them. Thanks!

  3. it’s really a great adventure, Claire !!! my high school best friend who lives at The Hague in Holland has a daughter Christine who went around the world travelling alone …… there are times when she meets up with friends in some places, but mostly she travels alone …… when she graduated from college she spent the whole year traveling ….. when my friend told me about it i felt a little quizzy but then she assured me that she will be taken cared of by The Almighty and all she needs are prayers …… such a very beautiful lady ( a look alike of the Princess Kate of England) and if she was my daughter i wouldnt let her out of my sight ……. but she really made it !!! …… and now she is back in Holland with all those country and city hopping memories ….. and back to school for her Masters Degree …. wish you well ….. and hope my daughter will have the guts to follow your trail …… and make her rich, too !!! Kudos to you and warmest regards …… take care always …… Love – Tita Vissia

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