Luxury And Warmth: How Moonlight Hotel Romanced Me In Hue, Vietnam

Moonlight. I heard from the hotel staff that the reason behind the name was simple – that the moon can be clearly seen in the night sky from the hotel. Other guests also seem to like the name, and think it romantic.

What I did not expect, though, was how Moonlight Hotel would romance me.

Here are the ways they did it:

1) Warm, friendly and efficient staff. Upon entering the hotel, I was welcomed with warm smiles and greetings, which I believe is normal for luxury hotels. But then, they do it every time I enter the hotel and would make a point of asking me how my day went. I noticed they did the same for other guests.

But what I most appreciated was when they booked the budget Hue day tour for me at no extra charge. I believed hotels usually charge on top of the rates of the travel booking companies, but Moonlight Hotel didn’t. I later checked with the travel agencies in the vicinity, and yes, I was given the exact same rate.

warm welcome, friendly staff, Moonlight Hotel Hue, Vietnam, luxury hotel

 Moonlight Hotel staff always greet me every time I enter the hotel.

2) My luxurious room with a view. I fell in love with my room the moment I walked in – very comfy bed where I could lie for hours, and a view of the Perfume River. My room was ideal for a staycation – had I not limited time to explore the city, I would have spent a longer time in my room.

deluxe room, luxurious bed, luxury hotel, moonlight hotel, hue, vietnam

The bed that made me sleep like a baby for two nights

view from moonlight hotel hue deluxe room, luxury hotel, huong river, perfume river, hue, vietnam

The view from my room. I spend at least five minutes a day just looking at this.

complimentary bottled water, hot tea, fresh fruit, deluxe room, moonlight hotel, luxury hotel, hue, vietnam

I also loved the room-inclusive extras, especially the welcome fruit.

3) Delicious breakfast – also with a view! If the view from my room already made me fall in love, the view from the restaurant had me completely smitten. It had a longer, panoramic view of the river, as well as views of the city.

view from moonlight hotel, luxury hotel, huong river, perfume river, hue, vietnam

My view while having breakfast

With a breakfast buffet offering both Vietnamese and international cuisine, I was more than happy in my two mornings there. The food was very tasty, too, which is unlike the slightly bland food I’ve tasted in some luxury hotels. In some places, I loved the street food more than hotel food, but in this case, I loved the hotel food too!

vietnamese and western buffet breakfast, moonlight hotel, hue, vietnam, luxury hotel Some of the breakfast buffet offerings

pho, white rose dumpling, and other traditional vietnamese food, buffet breakfast, moonlight hotel, hue, luxury hotel

What I had on my first day – a very typical Vietnamese breakfast

4) It’s the details! What clinched the deal in my stay at Moonlight Hotel was how they paid attention to details. I loved the hardwood interiors and furniture, which remind me so much of the charming old and ancestral houses in the Philippines, with wooden interiors and furniture that have been standing for almost a century. I learned from the staff that the hotel owner has a business on wood and wooden furniture – so that explains the really nice hotel interiors!

lobby, hardwood chairs, moonlight hotel, hue, vietnam, luxury hotel

Loved the wooden furniture everywhere…

local hardwood floors and furniture, luxury hotel, moonlight hotel, hue, vietnam

…including in my room!

I also noticed that the bath soap in my bathroom had a very nice fragrance I loved, which I have not experienced in other hotels, and that the default temperature for the shower was just right – not too hot, not too cold. It was these little things that made my stay all the more pleasurable.

toilet and bath, bathtub, moonlight hotel deluxe room, luxury hotel, hue, vietnam

The nice toilet and bath in my room

5) Extras for pleasure and relaxation. The hotel also has a pool on its roof deck with a view of the city, and a nice spa. Had I had more time, I would have taken a dip and treated my body to a massage – or maybe some time in the hot tub.

roof deck pool, moonlight hotel deluxe room, luxury hotel, hue, vietnam

The pool with a view

spa, moonlight hotel, luxury hotel, hue, vietnam

The hot tub in the spa looks inviting! Photo courtesy of Moonlight Hotel

In doing hotel reviews – even sponsored ones – I try to mention both positives and negatives (no matter how small), to give a balanced and realistic view for the reader. But in the case of Moonlight Hotel, I could not find a single thing to nitpick on. A plus is that it is in a convenient location, and near the night market and park, where I walk around at night. I definitely have no complaints on my stay at Moonlight Hotel.

For more information about Moonlight Hotel and to make reservations, visit their website.

Moonlight Hotel

20 Pham Ngu Lao St., Hue, Vietnam



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