Travel money-saving tip: Use discount sites


Adventures need not be expensive.

This is a paid post, but all opinions are mine.

I am all for DIY trips from scratch, and I have done them myself many times. A few times, though, I bought from discount travel sites or coupon sites, especially when the discounts were big (almost like a DIY trip in price but with the convenience of everything being arranged!) and the offer attractive. My first time in Boracay was thanks to a travel package sold at a coupon site, and I got it for around P6,000, inclusive of airfare, airport transfers, accommodations for two nights, breakfast, and dinner.

Boracay White Beach, paraw, bikini, best island in the world.jpg

Beautiful Boracay

Since then, I had been on the lookout for travel deals in discount or coupon sites.


I don’t just look for travel deals, though. I also look for discounts on dining and hotels even in Metro Manila. I have scored huge discounts in restaurants and also in hotels.

pizza and pasta at casual dining restaurant, Metro Manila.jpgYou don’t always have to pay full price for food like these. You can get 30%, 50% off, – sometimes even more! – discount through deal sites.

And, these sites also give me ideas on possible adventures, whether in the city or outside the city.

One of the coupon sites I have tried is Groupon, and I have availed of different deals from them. It is just too bad deals are no longer available in the Philippines, though they still are in other countries. Their Groupon Things to Do is especially worth checking out when traveling to other countries.

Groupon Things to Do screenshot.jpg

Sample Groupon Things to Do

Have you tried coupon sites like Groupon and saved money on travel or other leisure activities, too?

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