IN PHOTOS & VIDEOS: Le Grand Cirque’s amazing acrobatics and performances at Araneta Coliseum

Aerial whirls and swings. Fire dancing. Pyramids and juggling. Hoop jumping and tumbling. Dancing while plate-twirling. These are just among the acrobatic feats being performed by the Le Grand Cirque Christmas Day up to January 3 at the Araneta Coliseum.

 A quick preview of some of the best Le Grand Cirque feats. These are also among my favorite acts!

Literally meaning “The Great Circus,” Le Grand Cirque indeed gives great, jaw-dropping performances befitting their name. Le Grand Cirque is a traveling world circus that originally came from Las Vegas. But, no need to go to Las Vegas to watch them! You can catch them while they’re here in the Philippines!


The performance started with this man coming out under the dazzling, colorful lights.


Later, I found out that the man was a clown, and that he hilariously improvises and engages with the audience, making children and adults alike laugh.

The circus is perfect for all ages, as the pantomiming clown made everyone erupt in laughter, and as the acrobatic feats drew collective oohs and aahs, and cheers and hoots from both children and adults.

Energy and excitement ran high all throughout the two-hour performance.

Among my favorites are those who gracefully dance and whirl in mid-air.

One of my favorite acts! An aerialist swinging and twirling with the cloth dramatically trailing behind – and sometimes tying around – her. She looks like she is dancing on air.


The shadows look dramatic behind her, too!

Another aerial dance, this time for two! And how graceful it looks!

Then, there are those who look like they are flying as they jump from the ground…

Tumbles and hoop jumps, with gladiator feels!

…and more performers who look like they have no problems defying gravity.

They look like brothers to me, working perfectly in sync as they jump and tumble.


Here’s another pair of what looks like brothers to me, working again in sync.

And then there are those whose performances look so chill that they look so easy. But of course you know they’re not.

Hat tossing and pyramid routine!

The circus performers come from different countries – Europe, Canada, China and the UK – so the diversity in performances is not surprising. Some have Asian influence, including the music.

Love this plate balancing while dancing! At the end, they put their plates down to show that those really are detached and could fall off easily.


The first part of the performance (above) reminds me of an Apsara dance from Cambodia. And then one of the dancers proceeded to contort herself and balance several candlesticks!


Playfully whirling drums with feet

Then there’s this fire dance towards the end, giving the entire show a dramatic closing.

Watched some fire dances before, and the lightsaber-like fire here is something I’ve never seen before!

In between the intense acrobatic numbers, the clown facilitates some lighthearted laughs.


More hilarious pantomimes from the clown!

These photos and videos above capture only some of the many performances and adrenaline-pumping moments!

Watch them while they’re in town! Shows will run until January 3 at the Araneta Coliseum. Ticket prices start at P150 only! Visit the Ticketnet website to buy, or call its hotline at 911-5555.

Check out more photos and videos at the event’s Facebook page.


Le Grand Cirque performers bidding the audience goodbye after the show. See them too!


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