Save money on travel essentials and more through these coupons

This is a paid post, but all opinions are mine.

With quite a number of travel essentials you might need, you don’t need to buy all items at full price, especially when you are not in a hurry.

Personally, I try to buy my travel essentials when I can at discounted prices. When I’m not in a hurry or if I have a trip planned months ahead, I wait for sales. That is how I got my trekking sandals, snorkeling set, and other items for significantly lower prices.

But I don’t just wait for sales  in the mall. I try to keep a lookout for sales online, too. Online, one of my go-to places for discounted items are coupon sites like Groupon Coupons. That is where I got my headwear, a nifty item I bring to almost every trip, among other travel essentials.

My headwear, which I bring to almost every trip, especially on outdoor adventures

I subscribe to different coupon sites online so I can be updated on their different deals.

I also buy other travel-related items like one of my external hard drives in online sales. While I do not strictly consider this as a trip essential, it does help me back up my photos, so I consider it among my top travel-related essentials.


Yes, that external hard drive backs up precious travel photos!

One of the travel nonfiction books I received as a gift was also bought on an online sale – from a coupon site too, if my memory serves me right.

17 books.JPG

The one who gave me this gift confessed that he got it on sale online! Sale or not, I loved it!

Groupon has many discounted books on sale too, both travel-related and not.

In truth, I also buy items not related to travel from coupon sites, as they ultimately help me reduce my expenses, and thus free up more of my budget for travel. Sometimes I get savings as huge as 80 percent. 20 to 30 percent off is already quite a good deal, though.

Try it, too! Check out coupon sites online and subscribe if you can.

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