One way to earn free flights, get priority access to seat sales, and other perks

With travel being close to my heart, and sometimes even being my medicine, I always welcome ways to travel more or longer by saving on expenses, or to travel conveniently through perks.

bali airasia video

One of my favorite places. Went here many years ago, even before taking photos and blogging crossed my mind. Screen grab from AirAsia video

And so when I heard of the new AirAsia RCBC credit card, which offers a way to instantly get free points convertible to flights upon application (and earn more with every use),  have first dibs on flights during seat sales, and conveniently travel through priority check-in, priority boarding, and free WiFi on the plane, and other perks, I immediately applied for the credit card. All applicants won’t be charged an annual fee during the first year, so I think it’s worth a try. The free 8,000 AirAsia BIG points alone upon application approval was enough to get me to sign up.

Airasia credit card miles, RCBC bank.JPG

AirAsia credit card application booth during the launch

Every P22 spent using the credit card is equivalent to one AirAsia BIG point.

Below is a summary of the perks AirAsia credit card holders can expect:

  • Free 8,000 AirAsia BIG points. This is the estimated value of a one-way domestic flight.
  • Priority access to AirAsia seat sales. A 24-hour first access to seat sale prices is already a perk for AirAsia BIG members, but this is also a welcome perk for BIG first-timers through this credit card.
  • Priority check-in and boarding at the airport. Details on this will be clear once I (hopefully!) get my own credit card. I look forward to trying this especially when I am in a hurry!
  • Free introductory on-board WiFi. Would be nice to try this, especially for long flights
  • INSTANT BIG Platinum membership status. There are membership tiers in the AirAsia BIG program. The more premium your membership is, the less you need to spend to get equivalent BIG points for your flights, from my understanding.
  • Free travel insurance. This is important to me, as I get insurance especially for international travels. I look forward to knowing more details about this.

Again, there is no annual fee charged on the credit card holder’s first year using the card, so it’s worth a try.

seoul airasia video

Korea. One of these days, I hope. Screen grab from AirAsia video

Also, applying is easy. You just need to fill out a form with your details like address and employment and present a copy of a valid government-issued ID.

Among the government-issued IDs accepted are:

– Passport
– Driver’s license
– Professional Regulatory Commission (PRC) ID
– GSIS e-card
– UMID (Unified Multi Purpose) ID
– Senior Citizen Card
– Government Office IDs
– Voter’s ID
– Integrated Bar ID
– Police Clearance
– Seaman’s Book
– Overseas Workers Welfare Administration
– National Council on Disabled Affairs

As I haven’t brought any of the IDs above when I applied for the credit card, I just e-mailed one the next day, after I received an e-mail requesting me to send any of the above IDs.

Hopefully I get good news soon.

bohol airasia video

Classic destination. This was where I went during my first domestic flight. Screen grab from AirAsia video

Aside from travel perks, the AirAsia credit card also has spending perks. Purchases can be converted to up to 36 months of installment with zero interest (0%).

For security, credit card holders will also receive text alerts on their spending.

Watch the video below to see a quick introduction to AirAsia credit card’s features.

Visit to apply for this new credit card.

airasia rcbc credit card bank card

Activating the AirAsia credit card. I haven’t got to this step yet but I hope to soon!


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