More dreamy, more magical: The 2017 Magical Field of Lights in Nuvali, Laguna

Last year’s Magical Field of Lights at Nuvali, Laguna was indeed magical. It was my first time to see a vast field of lights that look like glowing flowers. It was also the first time such a field of over 5,000 lights was shown in the Philippines. The lights changed color, “dancing” in time to Christmas music, too.

This year, though, is even more magical, with the same vast field blooming, this time also with seemingly floating light spheres, and which look like mystical orbs.


Light buds and orbs. The orbs, or spheres, change color to music, too!


There are orbs on the ground, too! To me, these also look like the mystical will-o’-the-wisps in forests.


And yes, they light up in different colors!

They look – and sound – even better when you’re on the field yourself! Watch the 18-minute show every 30 minutes to your heart’s content. For me, one show was not enough to fully appreciate the lights!

Here is a clip of the field’s flowers and orbs lighting up and changing color to Christmas music in this video:

Here is another video, with a slightly closer look at the orbs:


Yes, the dreamlike laser lights make the field glow brighter.


The laser lights beautifully paint the sky above the field, too.

Here is also a video of the buds up close during the light and sound show, with fog rolling in:

What is also different this year is that people can now get close to the field, particularly in between light shows. During my weekend visit, I saw people happily snapping away. Last year, I was only able to get close to the light buds after I coordinated with the Nuvali corporate office.


People can now get close to the light buds and take photos in between the light and sound shows.

See people walking among the light buds in this video below. Even in between shows, Christmas music can still be heard around the area. And the lights keep blinking, too!

I also took this short video below to see how the flower fields and the people around me (360 degrees) look, from where I was standing.

And, here is one more video of the field of light buds with spheres. I just can’t get enough of them. If I had more time, I would have watched more shows and taken more photos and videos.


Even the field’s most basic color, white, looks magical. This one actually looks more like the Christmas-y, silvery white to me.

The Christmas light installations outside the field of lights are the same as last year’s, with Christmas trees, dandelions, and a 50-meter light tunnel. I actually consider the tunnel an arched entrance to the field.


Same Christmas light installations outside the field of lights


And people seem to be enjoying themselves, no matter the crowd


Since we went during the opening weekend, the light tunnel was crowded!


This was in contrast to my experience last year, where I went on a weeknight with rain on the forecast. So, best to come on a weeknight! Or, try to catch the last batch of shows (9-10 pm) if you can only come on a weekend.


Crowded or not, being inside the tunnel feels magical.


The dandelions are again aglow outside the tunnel.


The Nuvali signage always had people happily taking photos on its foreground.

This year, since I went during the opening weekend, I was happy to have a chance to talk to the Magical Field of Lights Director Voltaire de Jesus. Trivia: He’s also been the director ever since of the long-running Ayala Triangle Festival of Lights.

Voltaire de Jesus, director, Magical Field of Lights, Christmas light and sound show, Nuvali, Laguna.jpg

Magical Field of Lights Director Voltaire de Jesus was enthusiastic in sharing about his creative process. Talking with him, I could feel his passion for his work.

De Jesus revealed that his idea for the Magical Field of Lights was first inspired by the fields of tulips in Holland. He was also partly inspired by the light installation in Uluru (more popularly known as Ayers Rock) in Australia.

He decided to put visual and musical choreography and not just make light installations. I also found out how painstaking putting together the 18-minute light and sound show can be – programming just one minute of the lights and sounds takes him four hours!


The Magical Field of Lights is both a work of art and a labor of love.

He also said that he already has ideas for something different for the Magical Field of Lights next year, but it would have to be a surprise.

For now, catch the show this 2017!

The Magical Field of Lights runs until January 8, 2018. The lights and sound show is every 30 minutes, from 6 to 10 pm. For practical tips and logistics, check out my article on Rappler.



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