Siraan, Anini-y: The Hot Spring on a Cliff by the Sea

Hot springs are love and therapy for the body, but aesthetically, sometimes they look all the same to me, especially when they are enclosed in swimming pools. Which is why I was in for a pleasant surprise when I made my way up Siraan Hot Spring in Anini-y, Antique.

Siraan Hot Spring is on top of a rugged gray outcropping with a view of the sea. So, while I immersed myself in the spring’s hot, sulfuric waters, I also took in the blue of the sea and the sky.

Spring with a view. Though the origin of the spring’s name “Siraan” is not confirmed, staff said that the spring waters usually had white specks on them (probably from sulfur), which resembled powder bits from a woman’s face whose powder or foundation has been ruined (“nasira”).

Some of Siraan’s smaller spring pools.

Siraan Hot Spring offered far more visual treats than a single view of the sea, though. The curious explorer in me was amazed with the various shapes and sizes of rocks, and how the view of the sea changed as I climbed and moved from one rock to the other. Trees shooting up from the gray and yellowish rocks were a bright contrast, as well as a welcome shade, for the hot spring’s guests.

Guests relaxing under the shade and enjoying the view of the sea

Gingerly skirting my way through the edge of the outcropping – extra carefully, as the rocky sea was just at my side – I found rocks in different shapes and colors, a few trees hidden from the usual view of guests, and some more breathtaking angles of the sea.

Part of the outcropping tapers down to a rocky shore. Beautiful view, but not for cliff jumping.

Nogas Island in the distance is just 15-20 minutes away by pumpboat. According to local legend, Nogas and Anini-y were lovers separated by an enraged mermaid – she helped Nogas win over Anini-y but was not invited to the lovers’ wedding.

(LEFT) This gnarled tree is my favorite tree. (RIGHT) I love the play of light and shadow on this spindly tree.

After playing Dora the Explorer through Siraan’s cliffs, I felt tempted to rest here. Cottage rental rates start at Php 150, though already good for the whole day.

For Siraan Hot Spring guests who do not fancy skirting the edges of rocks to catch breathtaking views, there is a viewing deck which also offers a spectacular view of the sea and seashore. Also, if you walk around the cemented area of the property, you will find interesting man-made structures.

The view from Siraan’s viewing deck

(LEFT) The Virgin Mary’s grotto is visible to people walking around the property. (RIGHT) This face sculpture is not very noticeable and needs a keener eye.

More than just a hot spring, Siraan offers probably as many unique and beautiful views of the sea as the number of its colorful rocks sculpted by wind and sea.

A reminder all Siraan guests should heed

How to get to Siraan Hot Spring, Anini-y:

If you are coming by plane, the closest jump-off point to Anini-y, Antique is Iloilo City. From Iloilo, take a bus bound for Anini-y, Antique from the Molo bus terminal. The white Diana Ross buses usually ply this route. Travel time is around 2 hours and fare is Php 80. Ask the driver to drop you off at Siraan Hot Spring. An alternative mode of transportation is via van, from Iloilo’s van terminal. Entrance fee to Siraan is Php 20.

Where to stay:

Siraan Hot Spring has rooms for accommodation. Rates start at Php 600 (good for four people).

Contact Number:

For inquiries, call (+63)9174989652 or (+63)9473156766.

11 thoughts on “Siraan, Anini-y: The Hot Spring on a Cliff by the Sea

    • Yep. Siraan Hot Spring is ♥. =) If you’re coming from Kalibo and if you’re pressed for time, though, I suggest you go to Malumpati Cold Spring and Bugang River in Pandan. Bugang is the cleanest river in the Philippines. Pandan is closer to Kalibo than Anini-y. If you’re also into sand bars like me, there’s one – Malalison Island – in Culasi, a little south of Pandan. Happy exploring!

      • Hi Ms Claire!
        May i ask how can i reach malumpati cold spring from caticlan and how can i get to kalibo from there? i will be going to bora and wanted to drop by the place. thanks =)

      • I haven’t gone to Malumpati yet, but it’s in Pandan municipality. I suggest you ask locals in Caticlan how to get to Pandan. Sorry, I haven’t gone that route. I rode a Kalibo-bound bus from San Jose, Antique during my backpacking trip. Didn’t go to Boracay anymore.

      • I’ve been to malumpati once and bugang i suggest that you go to the main town then ask a tricycle driver if you can accompanied u to bugang as well to malumpati last time about half a year ago it cost me around 200 pesos just for tricycle very cheap, malumpati spring is indeed cold and very clean

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    • It was P20 when I went there, as I shared on my post. It might have changed now, but perhaps not so much if ever.

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